Omaha Knights

My name is Andy and I’m a hockey fan.

There, I said it. In fact, I grew up saying that “hockey is my favorite sport.” My childhood room always had a hockey motif. I collected hockey cards. I played a year of ice hockey. And I did all of this from the cornfields of Omaha, Nebraska, where I was born and where I lived until just before my 11th birthday.

Let me just say that it’s a hard thing to be both born in Omaha and be a hockey fan. Thank goodness for the Omaha Knights.

The Knights were the chief farm team for the New York Rangers so we got to see some pretty good players come through, the most notable of whom may be André “Moose” Dupont who went on to win a couple of Stanley Cups with the Philadelphia Flyers. The coach of those Flyers teams? Fred Shero who, before that, coached the Knights.

Today’s Prompt: What sport(s) do you love / identify with?

4 thoughts on “Omaha Knights

  1. I love Orienteering, the “thinking man’s/woman’s sport” where you go into a wooded area with a specially made map and a compass and on your own navigate your way to several check points at the fastest speed you can manage to be near the top of the pack of competitors, or where you go for a pleasant walk through the woods with your family to finish what is akin to a car rally, picking the most interesting and fun way to find the marker in the woods and return to the finish to discuss your route choice with friends.

  2. Just in case you have never tried orienteering, it’s a wonderful family sport as you compete at your own level and within your age group and against your own sex, there are at least three or four clubs sponsoring spring and fall events in Washington State, including the Cascade Club, East Washington and Washington State. Do a search online for more info.

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  4. I have lived in Omaha my whole life, love hockey and the Omaha Knights. That is a remarkable picture at Ak Sar Ben Coliseum. I’m pretty sure Ab Demarco is #5. That’s Amarillo, a Pens farm club, warming up in the background. This is the ’70-’71 season.

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