Barefoot Shoes

Let me introduce you to a pair of running shoes I’ve used in each of my last two runs. I’m not calling them “my new running shoes,” not yet, at least, because they have just been loaned to me to try out. A generous neighbor, Kevin, runs a couple of local stores (including Queen Anne Dispatch) that distributes these shoes. They’re by Merrell and are called “Barefoot Shoes.” I’m totally taken by them.

Like I said, I’ve worn them in each of my last two runs, 30 minutes each, tonight and on Wednesday. To use them properly, you have to shorten your stride and place your foot flat on the ground, not the common heal-toe placement. The shoes are very light but provide surprising support. And when you get in the groove with them, it’s like you just start to float over the ground.

Can you tell I’m a convert?

Your thoughts?

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