A Post About Rabbits for Perrin

When I was a little kid, my brothers and I raised rabbits. It’s fair to say my parents helped, but I really look back on this and say it was something my brothers and I did. We were responsible for feeding and providing drinking water, which was especially challenging during the Nebraskan winters. The rabbits all lived in hutches in our backyard and the water in their crocks would freeze. We’d bring in the crocks and soak them in hot water in the kitchen sink, then take the crocks back out with fresh water.

There are SO many stories I could tell, the most memorable being when my older brothers locked me in the hutch with Sniffles, my rabbit, and ran inside to get a camera. Little did they know they not only locked me in there with Sniffles, there was a wasp nest in there, too.

Anyway, here you go, Perrin, a post about rabbits, complete with a picture of two bunnies from the the first litter we ever had.

3 thoughts on “A Post About Rabbits for Perrin

    • It’s hard to believe but neither Sniffles nor I got stung by the wasps. I think all of us, Sniffles, the wasps and me, were just too surprised by all of us being in the hutch together to do anything.

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