Sundays in Seattle are very different than Sundays in Nantes. I found myself thinking about this today as Melinda & I were sunning ourselves in our backyard. I’m sure the mid 70 degree weather in Seattle today contributed to me thinking about Nantes, too, so many times did Melinda, the girls and I lay out in the sun next to our pool.

Anyway, I found myself thinking about Sundays and how in Nantes all the grocery stores are closed. I just returned from making a quick Sunday afternoon grocery store run in Seattle. Wanting a few things for school lunches this week and deciding to pick up a cold roasted chicken for dinner tonight, I didn’t have to give a second thought if it would be open.

In the spirit of all the posts I made about our neighborhood grocery store in Nantes, I took this picture today of the Safeway not far from our house.

One thought on “Sundays

  1. Ah, Safeway… always open. Hope you had a nice relaxing day in the sun. It hit the 80’s here in Central Oregon. I’m hoping the weather cools down some, seems early for summer. However, I have to admit, the sun is nice. 🙂

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