Coming Home With Dan

Meet Dan, a former PSCS student (from last century, by the way). Dan came over for dinner tonight to interview us for a college project he is working on. He is studying what the term “home” means to people and interviewing people from a variety of cultures. He even traveled to Germany to work on his project (check out his blog) and is now back in Seattle.

You know it’s a good interview when someone gets me to talk about (in no particular order):
— having been born in Omaha
— my first day of school in Bellevue, Wash (5th grade)
— hockey cards, specifically the 1955 Topps Lorne “Gump” Worsley card
living in Alaska as a deejay
— The Evergreen State College

And more… Thanks, Dan!

5 thoughts on “Coming Home With Dan

  1. Nobody ‘gets’ you to talk. They are kind enough to ‘let’ you talk. Do you take after your mother and grandmother? : )

  2. Sure hope that he’s seen and read the book called Home by Bill Bryson. Fascinating array of stories about the spaces we live in.

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