A Little Soggy

This unflattering self-portrait was taken on our doorstep about 10 minutes ago. I had just arrived home on foot after spending part of the evening with an old friend, Lance, getting a beer at a nearby pub.* It’s pouring rain outside and the pub is about a 10 minute walk so I am reasonably wet.

Anyway, one of the things I intended to do post sabbatical was spend more time connecting with old friends. I’ve found I haven’t done that as much as I planned. Often, after work, I just want to come home and not go out again. But connecting is a good thing; in fact, it’s related to the theme in the current kindness class I’m facilitating. Take a look.

*Incidentally, Melinda was excited to learn from our Downton Abbey viewing that “pub” is short for “public house.” FYI, in France, pub is short for a TV commercial.

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