CD Baby + Derek Sivers + “Prozak For Lovers”

Yesterday I received an email from Derek Sivers, founder of the brilliant online music retailer CD Baby. The company has always had great customer service and a dedication to helping independent musicians reach a wide audience. In 2008 Mr. Sivers sold the company for 22 million dollars and promptly put all 22 million dollars into a charitable trust for music education. He said he didn’t need that much money.

His email to me said, “Long long ago you bought a CD called “Prozak for Lovers”. Do you remember it?”

Indeed I do. In fact, I love it. It includes a lounge version of Elvis Costello’s “Pump it Up,” for Pete’s sake, and another of the Ramones’ “I Wanna Be Sedated.”

Anyway, Sivers short message goes on to say that the CD is going out of print and will likely not be available again, nor ever on iTunes. Rather than chuck the remaining discs, Sivers said CD Baby is selling them at cost for $4.

I wrote him back to see if it was really him writing and sent him a link to the PSCS “Kindness School” video, figuring he’d like it. He wrote me back today, saying yes, indeed, it was he and that every city should have a kindness school.


Your thoughts?

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