Sad Stories & Near Misses

There are sad stories and there are near misses. The sad one that comes with this photo is about two years old. It goes like this.

I was early for picking up Ella from her evening soccer practice so took a walk around the park where the practice was taking place. I came upon a poster attached to a pole. It moved me so much I took this picture of it. Then I pondered how sad some child must be, missing her beloved bunny.

This almost happened to me when I was a kid. My bunny fell out of the car at a remote gas station. Just before driving off I noticed him missing and opened the door. There he was. I snatched him up and held him tight, scared over what almost happened.

Does this touch you? Are you a Mr. Rogers fan? If so, take all the time it requires to read this article. It may be the best piece of nonfiction writing ever.

2 thoughts on “Sad Stories & Near Misses

  1. I am very touched by this – not so much for myself, but as a parent. My son has a very VERY much loved Teddy. I can’t begin to fathom what would happen if this Teddy was lost. Sometimes I lost sleep thinking about it! Even at 6yo he takes this Teddy everywhere with him.

  2. Andy, thank you for connecting me again (and others hopefully) through Tom Junod’s Creative Nonfiction to Fred Rogers. In my opinion he is a gentle giant. Has anyone taken his place in the 21st century media?

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