Inspiration : Kurt Vonnegut

I’ve had this idea to periodically showcase things that have inspired me in my life, at least things that can easily be shown on a blog. Tonight I present author Kurt Vonnegut.

In 10th grade my English teacher suggested I read “Slaughterhouse 5.” It was one of those transformational moments, a time when you follow a suggestion and it has a huge impact on you. I read the book and was moved by its anti-war message, the first time I recall a book having that kind of an effect on me.

On sabbatical last year I read all of Vonnegut’s novels and in the order they were released. I pretended they were all just one big book. At PSCS I tease the students that they cannot graduate unless they take a “Vonnegut class” from me. I’m currently facilitating a class using Vonnegut’s “Mother Night,” my favorite of his books.

By the way, the book links above take you to Amazon. If you order from those links, or even place an order after having connected to Amazon from one of those links, Melinda’s and my Kind Living project gets a small percentage of your purchase.

Your thoughts?

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