Thursday Night & Stompin’ Tom

On Thursdays after school I head over to my parents’ apartment in a nearby retirement community, my dad with me after having volunteered at PSCS (a horse race handicapping class). Together, the three of us have dinner in the community’s dining room, on most occasions having dinner with other residents. Tonight we had dinner with a husband and wife couple. The husband worked for Boeing for years and at one time had US Top Secret clearance. He said with all seriousness that he worked on a flying saucer project.


On the drive home I got the pleasure of being in the car by myself which, of course, means I got to choose what to listen to on the radio / cassette deck. I chose a favorite old cassette I put in the car for just such an occasion, Stompin’ Tom’s “A Proud Canadian.” I sang along with songs about Prince Edward Island, Bud the Spud, and the tobacco fields of Tillsonburg (“My back still aches when I hear that word.”).

One thought on “Thursday Night & Stompin’ Tom

  1. What kind of math do you use? My day, my mom & me = 4??
    That is an interesting couple we had dinner with – and they make 5?

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