Under Melinda’s Direction

A few years ago, under Melinda’s direction, the two of us installed, by ourselves, a 5 zone underground sprinkler system for our yard, garden & plants. Per her style, Melinda spent hours (days, really) mapping the whole thing out, doing oodles of research, fine-tuning everything, and otherwise accounting for practically every eventuality.

My job was to dig the trenches, something I did with glee. You see, I learned I like digging holes. It suits me and, perhaps, gives me something to fall back on if this education thing ever peters out.

Well, speaking of digging, a couple weeks back I was, under Melinda’s direction, digging a hole for a new plant she wanted in the back, near our outside stairs. I placed the shovel in the ground and, you guessed it, broke one of the sprinkler pipes. So, under Melinda’s direction, “we” fixed it today.

One thought on “Under Melinda’s Direction

  1. Ah, the bane of my existence here in Texas the first four years was learning how to maintain our 9 zone system, covering an acre and a half. Every time the owner’s wife wanted to put a new pot on a deck or a new tree just beyond the lines for the watering system, he extended and added, and… by the time we inherited it, he did not know where everything was!!!

    I finally got it under control and then Hurricane Ike took out a lot of it, so we were able to fix much of the damage, but I decided it was too cumbersome and too complicated, so I had some parts SHUT off completely! Of course ithat was a mistake because we had a terrible drought last year, so we lost bushes, trees, and a beautiful bed of ferns. Some things came back, but others seem to be gone forever.

    My advice to you is make a diagrahm as accuractuly as you can, just in case you have a down size in your future. Well, you probably should have Melinda do that as it seems she is the one who handles details well. The new owners (when and if that happens) will certainly appreciate it even if it is not very accurate. I would have been totally lost without the one left behind for us!.

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