Dorothy’s Cookies

Twice before (here and here), I’ve written about Dorothy, each time mentioning how she, our 93 year-old next door neighbor, was responsible for us being chosen to purchase our house (it was a seller’s market). What I haven’t said is that Dorothy regularly makes cookies for PSCS, a tradition that goes back several years.

In fact, Dorothy providing baked goods has traditional roots that extend beyond PSCS. She used to bring her home-baked thoughtfulness to one of the local hospitals. That is, until the administrators stopped the practice, since Dorothy’s kitchen is not health department approved. PSCS students and staff were only too happy to step in and provide taste buds and stomachs for Dorothy’s treats.

The school always makes a thank you note and in today’s photo you see Dorothy with the latest, the one that came in response to the cookies she provided last Friday. This note, created by a staff member and a student, involved a sewing machine and creative design. Dorothy was impressed.

Your thoughts?

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