Brunch for Dinner, with Si

A couple nights back I wrote about the Perretz-Rosales family, mentioning the De Colores Bookstore they created for Simon, their youngest member. In today’s photo I’m featuring Simon, or Si, in a picture I took of him in 1986 or ’87 in my apartment in Olympia. He’s 6 or 7 years-old.

Once a week back then I’d meet up with Si and his dad, Bob, late in the afternoon. As part of his therapy program, Si would run sprints not far from my apartment. I’d be there as part of his support team, and then bring him back to my apartment where the two of us would spend some time together and have dinner. He liked to listen to tapes while I made the meal.

On this particular night I remember making a stew. I asked Si what we should call it. He said, “Brunch.” So thereafter, this stew, this particular dinner, was known as Brunch.

2 thoughts on “Brunch for Dinner, with Si

  1. What a sweet time… That relationship between you and Si was one of the most beautiful things in our lives at that point. Such a respite in our battles to uncover the gifts of those years. Thanks.
    And thanks for remembering. We all do.

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