Adorable Ella Part III

I just checked the blog stats and I’ve had a marked increase in visitors since telling you all that Ella is adorable. Either people find this so remarkable (as in hard to believe) that they need to come see for themselves, or they knew it all along and like proving themselves to be right. Either way, I decided I’d push my luck and try it one more night.

Ella’s cousin Tammy is in town from college and Ella, Melinda & I took her out for a Mexican dinner (Chloe is attending her best childhood friend’s high school graduation). On the way home we stopped at Fran’s Chocolates for, get this, a chocolate. Then we strolled over to a store called Anthropologie where Ella found a book called “One Good Deed a Day.” I took tonight’s picture of her showing one of the suggestions, “Leave an …ella in a public place.”

Pretty darn adorable, don’t you think??

4 thoughts on “Adorable Ella Part III

  1. What makes one adorable… they do things that endear them to us? they are inherently beautiful, in actions or words, which endears them to us? or maybe they are connected to us in some way, a friend’s daughter, a mentor’s daughter, and in that case we empathize with the fondness of a father for a daughter, or we see her father’s face in hers, or we just agree with her father and proclaim that YES, INDEED, ELLA IS ADORABLE . But then from what little I know of Andy and Melinda, how could she not be adorable.

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