Adorable Ella Part IV??

Okay, I admit it. Today’s post title is misleading. It’s a joke. Oh, yes, Ella is still adorable today, same as ever. But a picture involving a dumpster? The word adorable? Misleading.

This is the dumpster used by PSCS. And since school got out, we’ve been cleaning. In today’s purge were a couple of sculptures crafted last fall by a small group of students under the direction of teaching staff member, Scobie, a certified genius. At Scobie’s PSCS job interview, just after he left, a parent on the hiring advisory committee looked at me and said, clear astonishment in her voice and on her face, “I think he’s a genius.”

So, yeah, last fall Scobie facilitated a sculpture activity in which students learned how to use thick cellophane tape to make human form sculptures using their bodies. They’d start by wrapping themselves with the tape, sticky side out, and then continue with the sticky side in. The end result, these cool forms.

Today’s end result, Scobie posing them in the dumpster. Another, one with angel wings, was rescued by a passerby. We saw it being carried down the street.

One thought on “Adorable Ella Part IV??

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