Preschool Graffiti?

First, I hope this photo isn’t offensive to anyone. I saw this graffiti wall about an hour ago and it made me laugh out loud. I started imagining what a wall of preschool graffiti might look like. Statements like poo-poo head, maybe? Then I pictured a little kid with a can of red spray paint.

Yeah, maybe I should get a life…

Anyway, Melinda and I were out walking while a nail was being removed and a patch applied to one of our car’s tires. We saw this wall. I took a picture. I laughed. I imagined silly stuff. Now I’m telling you.

I haven’t heard any more news about the angel sculpture and where she may have ended up. If anyone else has, I hope you’ll let me know.

2 thoughts on “Preschool Graffiti?

  1. Sorry, but you’re wrong, Andy. The beauty of preschool graffiti is that most preschoolers only know how to write one word…their own name in all caps. So every time a preschooler writes on something she or he shouldn’t, (a wall, a couch, a friend’s forehead) it’s pretty darn easy to tell who the perpetrator was. When confronted, they invariably want to know how I knew that it was them. This has happened to me countless times.

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