Following the Plight of the Tape Sculpture

So last night I talked about the tape sculptures that teaching staff member Scobie created at PSCS this past school year with a group of students. In our cleaning yesterday, we moved them to the dumpster for trash pick-up. But we saw one get rescued late yesterday afternoon (and the other two, featured in yesterday’s photo, were gone this morning).

Today I received an email from Greg, Melinda’s brother in law (Perrin’s dad), that said, “I just saw the angel wing sculpture hanging from a post at 1st & Pike. I saw it around noon, proudly taped to a sign pole at the main intersection in front of the big clock.”

This was met with much excitement by the PSCS staff with thoughts on how to create another sculpture next year that could be carted around, maybe with some kind of tracking system included.

We were all thrilled when Greg later sent a few photos, including this one, along with this comment, “A ‘gentleman’ offering kissing lessons (note his sign) had confiscated her and was in the process of walking away.”

2 thoughts on “Following the Plight of the Tape Sculpture

  1. After a theatre production where similar plaster of paris bodies were made at Boston University (when I was in graduate school), I took home “Greg” who stood at the side of our piano for many years until he began to list too much. We stood him up at our town dump but do not know if he was “adopted” again.

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