A Stuffed Bear Meets Andy’s Imagination

Melinda was the first one to spot this Teddy Bear, sitting as he is on a rock wall at the edge of our yard along the sidewalk in front of our house. I snapped this picture a couple of days ago but decided to use it today since the bear is still there.

What does his presence mean?

I have the sad feeling that perhaps some toddler being pushed in a stroller dropped his beloved bear in front of our house, a tragic circumstance unbeknownst to the stroller-pushing adult. Then I feel a little upbeat imagining that some other person came along and, spotting the stuffed bear in a prone position on the sidewalk, picked him up and set up to sit hopefully on our rockery.

Will the child owner return to find him? That is the critical question.

4 thoughts on “A Stuffed Bear Meets Andy’s Imagination

  1. I have a third interpretation for you — someone who admires you and your work wanted to do something kind for you and gave you this wonderful lanky bear as a thank you for all you have done for them. I can imagine a young shy person who loved the bear but is ready to pass it on! I think however it got there, it is meant for you. Enjoy and love him!

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