Airport Humor/Travails (choose the right word)

Ah, the adventure has begun. We are at Sea-Tac Airport, awaiting our first flight, our ultimate destination being Nantes. We will spend the next month in France. But not without some unexpected challenges.

Our flight has been delayed by at least 2.5 hours, which means we will miss our connecting flight to Paris, which means we will miss our train from Paris to Nantes. All in all, the 2.5 hour delay on this flight will extend our travel by 24 hours. We will now arrive in Nantes on Saturday at around 1pm Seattle time.

But one has to find the humor in these situations. The delay caused/allowed (choose the right word) us to go through security twice, which allowed each of us to have 2 full body scans. I looked for the kiosk where I could buy an 8×10 glossy of my body scan, but no luck.

I did manage to get this photo, though. So in the United States one can drive at 16, vote at 18, drink at 21, and wear shoes and a light jacket at 75! What a country.

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