Our Day in Iceland

It’s 10pm and I´m writing from a computer in the lobby of a hotel in Keflavik, Iceland. That means it’s 3pm in Seattle and midnight in France. It also means that it’s still broad daylight in Iceland, which makes it feel like it’s about 5pm or something close to it.

Or that could be the jet lag, the travel adventure we’ve had so far, or some combination of these things and other factors. To recap, we were delayed leaving Seattle yesterday which threw all of our travel plans in disarray. We arrived in Iceland a little before 10 this morning (yes, 12 hours ago). Since our flight to Paris had long since left and the next one isn´t until 1:05am Saturday, we were taken to this hotel to rest. Chloe & Ella promptly fell asleep in a room with a southern exposure and a cool ocean breeze. Melinda & I roasted in a room being heated with a northern exposure, direct sunlight, and no ocean breeze. We went for a walk.

We were also provided vouchers for lunch and dinner in the hotel restaurant. We thought that meant we could choose things off of a menu. No, it meant they bring you plates of prepared food, most of it covered in gravy and salt. A far cry from what the diners in the large windowed dining room were getting. They were speaking French, sipping wine, and eating smoked salmon over fresh greens.

We also got bread & water, if you get my drift.

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