The Adventure Continues

This picture was taken this morning shortly after our arrival in Paris, and even more shortly after we discovered that all four of our checked bags did not make the flight with us. So by the time Melinda had snapped this photo we had already started the process of considering things like:
– not having our swimming suits for our week at the beach
– not having any changes of clothing, for that matter
– not having our toiletries
– not having our (I mean my) running shoes, shorts or knee supports
– not having our (the list goes on and on)

Clearly this is some kind of a test.

Having adjusted to the reality of our bags still being in Iceland and the four of us being in France, mixed in with jet lag and sleep deprivation (I basically haven’t slept since Wednesday night became Thursday morning), we got a call that our bags caught a later flight and were waiting for us at the Paris airport. And as all happy stories end, we were reunited with them just a short time ago, in time to bid them a fine trip to wherever they are heading next.

Melinda, Chloe, Ella & I are flying to Nantes in about 30 minutes. We can only hope our bags are doing the same.

3 thoughts on “The Adventure Continues

  1. Pas de chance. Quel désespoir d’arriver en France, plus exactement à Nantes sans ses bagages. Les Boudeau vont devoir vous habiller!
    Amitiés à tous
    La famille Boudeau de Bressuire

  2. Let us know if you will travel south. Mimi is in Sanary visiting the cousins. You guys are always welcome, or if your are planning near Grenoble I have friends there. Enjoy les vacances habilles!!

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