The Good News & The Bad News

What do you want first, the good news or the bad news? The good news? Great.

I had some serious fun with both of my daughters today. Ella & I watched a movie called “Swing” that I had saved to iTunes for an occasion just as today’s (that’s part of the bad news). The movie features swing dancing, something Ella loves. Afterwards, she even taught me a couple of dance steps. Well, a dance step. Well, how not to fall down while listening to swing music. And Chloe & I, as evidenced in today’s photo, went for a run together. Ella stood on our balcony to take the picture as Chloe & I started up the boardwalk in the direction of the main part of town.

Now for the bad news. It has been gray, windy, and raining basically all day. I ventured into town this morning to pick up some food and got both wet and wind-blown. Everyone else stayed inside. The other bad news is that we don’t have Internet access in our apartment. To get online we have to go next door to our landlord’s apartment. We sit on the hallway stairs and connect through his Wifi (pronounced wee-fee here).

Um, the weather may not get better until Thursday or Friday. That’s potentially really bad news.

Your thoughts?

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