“We” (Oui)

With the weather being under itself (that makes sense, right?), we decided to rent a car today. And by “we,” I mean Melinda. It’s the same “we” that remodeled our house, put in a 5 zone sprinkler system, did the research that led to the purchase of our new used car, and planned this vacation. It may very well be the same “we” that had children. You’ll have to ask Melinda on that one.

Anyway, with it being gray and windy (the rain held off today), cabin fever took control of Melinda and “we” rented a car. Now “we” can drive places! Yup, write that down. You have a car. You can drive places.

But to get to the car rental place, we, as in all 4 of us, walked for about 2 hours, from Pornichet to La Baule. “We” got us lost along the way, prolonging the walk. Deep into the walk, Ella spotted the car in today’s photo. I looked around for either Starsky or Hutch to see if we could use this car, but I couldn’t find them.

Instead, “we” got an Alpha Romeo. Me, I just say, “Oui!”

Your thoughts?

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