Vacation Wednesday

I took this picture just a minute ago, at 7pm in Nantes. That’s Frédérique on the right, in case you don’t recognize her. And, of course, Chloe on the left and Melinda in the center. Ella is sitting outside reading. Laurent is not yet home from work (he’ll be home in about an hour, per usual – he gets home from work every night at 8pm!). Manon has left for a week in Pornichet with her best girlfriend. And, as you may recall, Romain is in Nice on a little vacation of his own. He’ll be back next week.

Pretty exciting, eh?

What IS exciting is that tonight we are moving in to the house in which we’ll be living for the rest of the month. What is ALSO exciting is that I’m on dinner duty tonight. If you’re interested, I’m making Lemon-Walnut Chicken, a recipe from the Flat Abs Diet (we’ll all have flat abs by bedtime, I’m sure).

How’s that for a vacation Wednesday in France?

2 thoughts on “Vacation Wednesday

  1. Super ! De Bressuire, nous sentons le bon poulet aux citrons et noix.
    Profitez bien de vos vacances à Nantes.
    Les 3 dames sont très jolies dans la cuisine chez les Boudeau.
    A bientôt
    Bisous et espérons que le temps va s’arranger.

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