My Afternoon With Chloe

Chloe & I took a 25 minute walk this afternoon from the Boudeaus to the Paridis shopping mall in Nantes. She had a hankering to do some shopping and Paridis provided her the opportunity. You see, the month of July is the time of one of the big sales in France. Even I took advantage of it, picking up a couple of T-shirts for myself. Chloe, if cost is the scorekeeping measurement, won (lost?). She spent more than I did.

Near the end of our shopping excursion we stopped at a little pâtisserie called Paul. Truth be told, you can find a Paul all over the world. Chloe commented that the last thing we ate in France before leaving last summer was a jambon beurre sandwich from a Paul inside the Paris airport. Today Chloe had a café and we shared a macaron that was about the size of a small cheeseburger.

After walking back to the Boudeaus, Chloe & I went for a jog before hopping into the pool. The weather is a bit chilly for a swim but it certainly felt great after a jog. It’s about 8pm as I write and we are awaiting Laurent’s return from work to have dinner.

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