le 14 juillet

This is our third Bastille Day in Nantes. How about that?! Two years ago, as Nantes newbies, we celebrated by going for a long walk, trying to see the fireworks from our apartment, and Skyping with people back in Seattle. Last year, among many things, we lounged by our pool before attending the Nantes fireworks display with the Bertails.

This year has been quite quiet, much like our first July 14th in France. Melinda & I went for a late morning walk between rain squalls. And Chloe & Ella have been homebodies. It’s 6:30pm as I write and Melinda is helping Bérnard and Christine. I’ve just returned from reading a book at the nearby Jardin des Plantes de Nantes.

Yes, I say nearby, because our house (see today’s photo) is a 5 minute walk from this incredible garden/park. That pleases me very much as I love it. It’s a perfect place to sit and read, people-watch, or go for a short jog. I wrote about on Day 231 of the sabbatical.

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