Inside Our House

First, let me say again that the house we are living in this summer is very different from the one in which we lived during the sabbatical. I’m not saying one is better than the other. Just that the contrast is striking.

Truth be told, this house is much more like what you might first imagine when picturing an urban French house. It’s pretty much in the heart of the city, on a narrow street. You access it through a gate on the street and then find the *front* door in the back. There is no front entryway like we are accustomed to in the US.

Inside has two narrow wood staircases, the first connecting the entry door to the main living area in which you find the living & dining rooms and the kitchen. Another staircase leads you to the top level where there are two kids’ rooms and an office. Back down at the entry level is the master bedroom and a bathroom, in which you’ll find the washer/dryer.

Today’s photo was taken on the upper staircase, shooting back down into the living area. I included in the photo my hand in order to *personalize* the photo.

Your thoughts?

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