That Which Brings Us Honor

What brings a person honor?

Typical answers to that question have to do with how we behave. But we can also be honored by being in the presence of that part of humanity that is pure and simple and true, our natural authenticity. Immersed in it, we are honored.

Today, my family was honored by the Boudeau family.

The Boudeaus invited us to attend Nicole’s, Laurent’s mother’s, memorial service. It took place in l’église Notre Dame de Breissure, about 60 minutes from Nantes. We were invited to be present for the casket being lowered into the ground. After that, we were invited to join the extended Boudeau family to share food, fellowship, and conversation. Through their actions, words, and gestures, every member of the Boudeau family treated my family with kindness, courtesy and empathy.

Today I hope to acknowledge the enormity of the gift given to us by the Boudeau family through this simple blog post, one that includes a picture of Michel, Nicole’s husband and Laurent’s father, with my family.

2 thoughts on “That Which Brings Us Honor

  1. Your post is very moving. I know how you feel but from the other end — the people who came from afar to pay tribute to my mother who died recently honored us with their presence.

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