A Day of Summer!

That’s right, we had a day of summer, finally. For the Celsius-impaired, we broke the 70 degree mark in Nantes with blue, blue skies and lots of sun. It was a perfect occasion to accept Romain’s invitation to join him poolside in his backyard. He is back from his vacation and was kind enough to include us in his plans to lounge by the pool.

We accepted gratefully and greedily.

Today’s photo is actually one I took last night. As the clouds broke in Nantes at about 6pm and the sun came out, we were treated to a dazzling evening. We had the Boudeaus over for dinner and even opened up the “French” doors in our living room. I took a step out onto the narrow balcony and snapped this self-portrait.

Starting with last evening and continuing now for over 24 hours, this is the kind of weather we anticipated having this month. Will it last?

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