A Pleasant Day

So Melinda left early this morning for Paris, a long-planned day trip with Christine, thus leaving the girls and me to fend for ourselves today. Chloe had already set up a babysitting gig for the afternoon with Luce & Zacharie, so I rode with her to their house in our old neighborhood. You see, we have a public transportation pass that’s good for 24 hours for 4 people so if I didn’t want it in Chloe’s possession all afternoon, I had to ride with her.

Anyway, after dropping off Chloe, I went back to the house and hung out with Ella, and then she and I went to pick up Chloe. The three of us then went into the center of town where the girls got gelatto, as you can see in this photo. They then went shopping at Galeries Lafayette, while I wandered around taking pictures. We met back up at 8pm and went out to dinner at a Thai restaurant.

Not a bad day, eh? I’ll meet Melinda at the train station shortly and then Bérnard & Christine will come back to our place for a little drink. That’s called a nightcap, right?

2 thoughts on “A Pleasant Day

  1. Oh, I don’t know. You could’ve been battling broken link problems in a beta release all morning, and then madly packing/cleaning/sorting all afternoon. Wouldn’t that have been way more fun? (Ha!)

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