“A Journey to Nantes”

In French, it’s actually called Le voyage à Nantes and its English subtitle is “The City Turned Upside Down by Art.” It’s a pretty spectacular thing, in fact, and it’s taking place in Nantes this summer. It’s described as a 5 mile long urban trail in the city and you can walk it by following a pink line painted on the sidewalk that takes you to various art installations. There are something like 40 of them. Wow!

My favorite so far and the most dramatic, as you can see in today’s photo, is this one. I took the picture last night in the neighborhood known as Le Bouffay where Melinda and I had gone for dinner. As we walked around on an incredible Friday night in Nantes, among sidewalk cafés and restaurants (trying to choose one), we stopped to look at this exhibit. Right in the middle of the La Place du Bouffay is this installation, a partial apartment facade hung some 30 feet in the air. That’s Melinda looking up at it, wondering as everyone does, how did the artist make this work.

We are guessing the room is made of some lightweight material and the ladder base is extraordinarily heavy. Your guess?

Your thoughts?

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