Happy Birthday, Mom!

Two years ago today I celebrated my mom’s birthday by posting a picture of a sign we saw next to the pool at the place we were staying in Pornichet. I got such a big kick out of the way the English was written, and knew the editor inside my mom would appreciate it.

So today I post another sign in honor of my mom’s birthday (dare I say it’s #79?). This one attracted my attention because of the French writing, specifically the date. So bold, so attention-grabbing, “Vendredi 20 juillet.” That’s today. My mom’s birthday.

Happy birthday, mom. If you swing on over to Nantes we can go grab a glass of wine at Le Chavallais and enjoy a jazz trio. Not a bad way to spend one’s birthday, I think.

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Mom!

  1. Thanks for your greeting. And you certainly know my favorites – wine and jazz. I’m on my way – in my dreams.

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