Parc de La Noé Mitrie

Nantes has great parks as you can learn by looking here. And in the glorious weather we had today, I got to experience two of them.

First, Melinda & I went for a morning walk that ended at the Jardin des Plants de Nantes, one of my favorite places in the city and one I’ve often referenced. There is a small café in the park and after buying some French pastries in a nearby bakery, Melinda & I enjoyed them in the café with a morning drink (coffee for Melinda, tea for me).

Then late this afternoon, as I was walking back by myself from the Paridis shopping center, I stopped to enjoy the Parc de La Noé Mitrie where I took today’s photo. It was a long walk home, about 45 minutes, and the park was near the end, not far from our house. Part of what makes it attractive are the happy kid voices, splashing in the wading pools on a summer day.

That’s good stuff if you’re me.

Your thoughts?

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