What We Imagined

It’s taken most of the vacation, but the last few days have been EXACTLY what we imagined when we were considering our return to France for this month. There would be lots of sunshine and time by the water, both the pool at the Boudeau’s and the Pornichet beach.

We got a Sunday night barbeque and pool party with the entire Boudeau family on Sunday night, and we got 80 degree weather and a day on the beach at Pornichet today.

To those two things I can say, “Check and double check.”

You know, it’s funny to think about what you anticipate happening when returning to somewhere or something special, and what actually happens. I’ll likely be writing more about that later, either before we leave (next Monday) or once we’re back in Seattle. There is a lot to consider.

To illustrate a post titled “What We Imagined,” I grabbed this photo from way back on the 1st of July, taken right after we arrived in Pornichet. We got a couple of hours on the beach that afternoon, the only time that whole week that it wasn’t raining or threatening to rain.

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