10 Hours in France (or Christine in a Box)

It’s late as I’m writing this, past midnight in Nantes. We got home just a few minutes earlier, after leaving our house right around 2pm. That’s 10 hours away. What did we do for these 10 hours?

First, we dropped Chloe & Ella at the Boudeau’s where they got in an afternoon of sunning and swimming with Manon and two of her friends. Melinda and I went to the Bertail’s where Christine was busy building dressers from Ikea. Melinda joined in to help (see today’s photo). Bernard was working on electrical issues in another area of the house so I kept out of the way by finishing “The Hunger Games” and then going for a walk.

We returned, Melinda & I, to the Boudeau’s for a swim and a delicious dinner of mussels and potatoes, among other things (Frédérique is quite the chef). After dinner, just before 11pm, Laurent & I went for a swim, after which my family finally ventured home.

I’m not sure about you, but let me just say that’s a fine way for me to spend 10 hours in France.

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