Not Just Another Dorky Self-Portrait

Okay, so maybe it IS just another dorky self-portrait. What are you going to do about it? Sue me? Fly to Nantes and challenge me to a fight? Complain? Well, as my father used to say, “The Complaint Department isn’t open.”

In all my life I have never located the Complaint Department, let alone heard that it was ever open. On a similar subject, I’ve never tasted ends meat, either, even though I’m from Nebraska. I figured it was some kind of end cut on the cow. So it never really made sense to me when my mom would say, “I don’t know how we can make ends meat.” Did we make it or eat it?

But I digress.

Today’s photo, I took yesterday. And it’s important because I’m standing on the finish line at the Nantes racetrack, taking a picture of my reflection in the photo finish mirror. That’s the grandstand of the racetrack in the reflection behind me. I’m smiling because well, the Complaint Department has had no reason to be open, as far as I’m concerned, and if ends meat tastes anything like confit de canard, it’s got to be good.

Now if I can only fit some of that ends meat in my suitcase.

7 thoughts on “Not Just Another Dorky Self-Portrait

  1. meet you idiot, meet! We had a good time with Marc and Amanda at Emerald Downs last night. Marc did his usual betting. On the last race someone dumped on the favorite so Marc bet all the other horses (7 of them) to win. The favorite lost and didn’t come in so he got $7 for his $14. Dad’s horse came in second and I got $12.60 to show!!

    1. Why couldn’t you have explained this to me when I was a kid (leaving out the idiot part, of course)? But can you explain why the United States is so interested in icing??

      “My country ’tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, for the icing.”

      We Americans must really like our cakes frosted, I guess.

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