Travel Day

For our return trip home travel day I’ve chosen this photo, taken in the Reykjavik, Iceland airport at about midnight back when June 29th became June 30 (note, the sun was still up). That was in the midst of our traveling challenges that started when our plane wasn’t ready in Seattle, thus causing us to miss our flight from Reykjavik to Paris, thus causing us to miss our train from Paris to Nantes, thus causing us to *lose* 24 hours in France.

No, no, I’m not bitter. These things happen. As do other uncontrollable things like the weather turning certain plans on their heads.

But what absolutely could not be bothered is the time spent with the Bertail and Boudeau families in Nantes. It really doesn’t matter to me what happened with the weather or initially frustrating travel delays. All I wanted on this trip was time in Nantes with my family, and oodles of time with the Bertails and the Boudeaus.

In other words, I got it all!

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