Do the Math

It’s just past 6pm in Nantes as I start this blog post, meaning our train to Paris leaves in 12 hours. We have a layover in Paris of a few hours before flying to Iceland, and then a short layover in Iceland (knock on wood) before flying to Seattle. If all goes as scheduled, we’ll be touching down at SeaTac in about 33 hours.

Go ahead, do the math.

The time, as you can imagine, has flown by (go ahead, do the math), but I will admit to a little glimmer of anxiousness to get home. We brought home some of our sabbatical last year in the form of Romain who stayed with us in Seattle for a month. This year we are bringing home some of our vacation in the form of Manon, Romain’s sister. She’ll be with us for a week, and then Frédérique and Laurent are joining us at home on August 6th.

That means that our French vacation is being extended to Seattle!!

For now, though, as in RIGHT now, it’s cleaning and packing, packing and cleaning. Just why is Ella smiling?

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