Manon’s Camera / Jet Lag

Manon has got this incredibly nice camera. A few nights ago she asked me to snap a picture of her and Chloe inside a record store, the one where Romain, her brother, bought an Edith Piaf record a year ago. She takes the camera with her on most of her outings and has been getting some great shots. On Friday night I asked her if I could borrow her memory card to download what she’s taken so far. Among the great pictures I found include this one, taken early in the week.

Want to know how great this camera is? The girls don’t look the least bit jet-lagged!

Speaking of jet lag, that’s been my enemy all week. I’ve described me being tired as coming in waves. One minute I’ll feel pretty good, wide awaken even. Soon thereafter I’m wiped out and ready for a nap. Unfortunately, those wide awake moments are coming at about 5am and those wiped out ones at about 3pm.

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