Last Night’s Dinner

After I posted last night, we took Manon to Blue C Sushi at University Village, a short drive from our house. If I understood things correctly, this was Manon’s first experience with sushi. She liked the salmon roll, liked the albacore, didn’t really care much for the avocado roll, and loved the fried calamari.

I know what you’re thinking, fried calamari in a sushi restaurant?! Chloe said it’s the Americanization of sushi. She might be right.

On the subject of Americanization, after dinner we walked over to Menchie’s and introduced Manon to frozen yogurt. It was my first time there, too, and I was astounded by the size of the bowls. They’re huge! If you don’t know, at Menchie’s you grab a huge bowl and proceed to serve yourself from a wide variety of frozen yogurt flavors and various toppings (ranging from candy to hot fudge with a few fruit options tossed in for good measure). You then pay by the ounce.

All together now, Americans. “Super-size me.”

Your thoughts?

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