Nantes Comes to Seattle!

If you have spent ANY time reading this blog, you’ll know that Melinda & I have grown VERY close to two families in Nantes, the Boudeaus and the Bertails. It was because of the Boudeau family that we chose Nantes as our home for our sabbatical two years ago. In fact, the Boudeaus located for us the house in which we lived that year. And we met the Bertails because they live just a few doors down from that house in Nantes. What a bonus it was to find them (they found for us the house in Nantes we lived in this year).

Living in Nantes, though, means we’ve never really hosted either family in OUR home. We’ve long dreamt about being able to show the Boudeaus and Bertails Seattle. Tonight, the first part of that dream came true when Laurent & Frédérique arrived. I tracked their flights all day online, getting slightly distracted at work doing so. Just before their long flight touched down in Seattle, I captured this screenshot of what I’d been tracking.

It’s just past 10:15pm as I write. The Boudeaus are snug in our house, getting ready for bed, all jet-lagged up.

Next summer, the Bertails (I hope).

Your thoughts?

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