An American Wedding

First, a confession. The three posts I made on Friday, Saturday and Sunday were written on Thursday night and set to auto-deliver at 6pm on each of those days. That’s right. I cheated. I didn’t actually write those entries on those days.


Well, we (as in Melinda, Chloe, Ella, Manon and me) left early Friday morning for an extended weekend in Nevada to attend my niece Jessica’s wedding. That’s her in today’s photo, flanked by her parents, my brother Steve and his wife / Jessica’s mom, Deb. The photo was taken by Manon as Jessica walked down the aisle.

What a great time it was, and what a fun thing to share with Manon, an American wedding. She liked that it was set in a beautiful locale (Incline Village, overlooking Lake Tahoe), that it was quick (the ceremony was all of 20 minutes), and that it included two very cute flower girls and a ring bearer.

Apparently, now Manon wants to have an “American wedding.”

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