“My American Father”

That’s how Frédérique referred to Dwight tonight. And it’s that connection, Frédérique with Dwight & Michele, Melinda’s parents, that has lead to so many positive things in our families. Years ago Frédérique needed a place to stay for a short trip to Seattle and was placed at the Shaw’s. That began the family connection. In short order, Dwight & Michele had become fast friends with Joel & Monique, Frédérique’s parents. A short time later, Annabelle, Frédérique’s sister came to live with Dwight & Michele for a year. Two years ago Melinda & I chose Nantes for our French sabbatical because of the presence there of Frédérique’s family.

The lesson in this is to be friendly with every person you meet and to see these meetings as the potential start of something significant. You never know if your children might become best friends with your friend’s children.

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