Introducing Scott and Laurent

That’s my brother Scott on the left, with Laurent. At long last, the two got to meet today. You may know, or you may recall, that last summer Scott hosted Laurent’s son Romain for three mornings at his office (Scott is a stock broker), experience that proved to be very valuable for Romain. Laurent was able to personally appreciate Scott today with a bottle of fine French wine.

This photo, though, was taken in the tasting room of a small winery just north of the little town of Woodinville in Western Washington. Knowing Laurent (and Frédérique) would be in town, Scott had set up a private wine-tasting event for all of us. It was a great time, culminating with Laurent buying a bottle of wine to take back home with him to France.

The wine-maker was very pleased. As was Scott. As was Laurent.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Scott and Laurent

  1. must give huge kudos to Bob, the winemaker at Robert Ramsey for going above and beyond for our group yesterday. it was an awesome experience for all of us

  2. A good time was had by all, indeed! Sadly, in all the years we lived in Woodinville (ending just a few weeks ago), I never once went wine tasting. :-/ Maybe now that I’m down in Redmond, I’ll journey north to enjoy that experience sometime.

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