An Eventful Day

Today has been an eventful day. It started with me taking Laurent & Frédérique for a 90 minute run, reminiscent of one they took me on two weeks ago in Nantes. After that, I dropped off Laurent & Manon at Green Lake and they ran around the lake together. Picking them up, we learned that Chloe had fallen and seriously injured the big toe on her right foot, necessitating a 3 hour trip to the hospital where her toenail was surgically reattached (all together now — eww!!!). Hopefully, a new toenail will grow to replace it.

Anyway, that little “big toe” event altered the plans for the day but it’s not stopping all of us, Chloe included (I hope) to be heading out to meet Brenda, Greg & Perrin for a pizza dinner in Ballard.

Today’s photo actually comes from last Sunday at the Reno airport. That’s Chloe and Manon occupying themselves with electronic devices while we waited to board our plane.

Last thing for today – a big 25th happy birthday to our niece, Stephanie!

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