What Photos Are For

I received this picture via email today from my uncle, my dad’s brother, Bob. Bob and his wife, my aunt, Marcie came to Reno two weeks ago to attend my niece Jessica’s wedding. They used that event for a little extended vacation with my parents. Bob and Al, my dad, like to get together. Marcie and my mom get along well so this was a win-win-win-win situation.

Receiving the photo was a pleasant thing. You know what I mean, having a photo unknown to you about a special event appear unexpectedly? I’m not saying this is necessarily a great photo, but the subject matter is pretty hot. Of course, that’s me on the left and Melinda on the right. And if you look very closely you can tell that’s Ella in between us, sitting at the table behind us (click on the photo to enlarge it).

The photo took me to a fun moment at a supremely happy family event. And isn’t that what photos are for?

2 thoughts on “What Photos Are For

  1. Did Chloe tell you that while she was here Friday she looked at some of the old summer vacation books? That’s what photos are for is right on!

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