So I subscribe to a blog about the city of Nantes. What a surprise, eh? What IS a surprise, perhaps, is that the blog is in English, meaning that I have a better chance of understanding it than if it was in French. I will say that it appears to be English English, as opposed to American English, but I pretty much can figure out when s’s are used instead of z’s and that sort of thing. That and the r’s make sense to me…

There aren’t a lot of entries posted but there was one today. It’s about the summer-long Journey to Nantes that I blogged about in July. I found it interesting that there was a 16% increase in air traffic at the Nantes airport when comparing July 2012 to July 2011. Way to go, Nantes!

Also, 116,000 visitors were said to have visited the nest (Le Nid). There are 3 of them in today’s photo, not counting the photographer (me!).

Your thoughts?

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