I Bet You Didn’t Know…

Here’s a photo from about two hours ago. It is, of course, of Melinda. But I bet you didn’t know she was in the midst of texting Ella who is on her way home from a quick overnight trip to Idaho with her best school friend. And I think it’s unlikely you’ll know that the photo was taken at Uneeda Burger, a delicious burger joint in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.

What else might you have to guess at? Well, we split a mushroom burger and an order of fries, and Melinda had kombucha to drink which was available, interestingly enough, on tap. I bet you didn’t know that I don’t like kombucha. Or melon of any kind.

Wait, you might have known that.

One thought on “I Bet You Didn’t Know…

  1. I love kombucha and hearing about restaurants that are new to me. Thanks Andy 🙂 I just made fresh watermelon rind juice today in a juicer that Zoë gave me, yum.

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