I’m in Training!

I took this photo Friday night at Frank’s, our favorite neighborhood restaurant. Melinda & I walked down there after dinner for a little nightcap. Don’t worry, Laurent, I didn’t violate my plan. I had a mocktail (sans alcool) and it was really good! So you ALL know, my plan is to refrain from having any alcoholic beverages until after the Seattle Marathon in November.

That’s right, I’m in training!

Speaking of which, I went for a 2.5 hour run this morning along the Burke-Gilman Trail (if you’re interested in my route today, click here and trace the path from the pinpoint just to the right of “University District” to NE 145th – I went there and back). Let me just tell you, that’s a long time to run without stopping. I ran so far as to see a sign telling me I had left the Seattle city limits. Then I ran all the way back. In the 150 minutes it took me to do that I could have watched 5 episodes of the Brady Bunch. With commercials!

It’s funny what occurs to you while you’re running.

3 thoughts on “I’m in Training!

  1. Andy, isn’t 2-1/2 hours long enough for a marathon? If so, does that mean you ran a marathon equivalent today? WOW!

    1. Well, it depends on how fast you run. I’m hoping to run 9 minute miles in the Seattle Marathon which would clock me in at about 4 hours. For today’s training run, I went at an even slower pace than that, trying to do 10 minute miles to help build endurance. So a marathon is 26.2 miles and I figure I ran about 15 miles today.

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