Accidents Will Happen

I, um, took this photo just outside of Whole Foods early this evening, but it might be better said that the photo took me. I was in the midst of a text exchange with Ella and had come outside of the store because I wasn’t getting decent coverage inside. In between text messages, while waiting for her responses, I started messing with the camera settings on my cell phone, and then, bing, bang, boom, I took this picture.

Or, like I said, it took me.

You can tell from my expression that I’m trying to figure out something, right? I mean, I look pretty serious so I must be thinking hard (something like, “I wonder why I can’t get this camera to work.”) And as my family members have told me, shooting from below chin level up at a face leads to an unflattering double chin.

So just why am I posting something like this? It gave me a good excuse to call an entry “Accidents Will Happen,” a classic Elvis Costello song.

One thought on “Accidents Will Happen

  1. I just heard you have a chance to see Elvis if you can get yourself and Melinda down to California. You’d better do it. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

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